Instant loan with bad remarks


With a bad remark, an application for a payday loan is almost as good as a hopeless one. A path leads first to the house bank. Here, there is a personal relationship with the customer advisor and in a conversation on the ground misunderstandings can be eliminated. With good luck, it comes to a payday loan commitment. But the reality is a little different. Especially the house banks refuse an instant payday loan with bad remark, but there are still possible solutions.

There are ways to still realize an instant payday loan with bad remark.

A mediator can be helpful. This assumes, however, that the entries are not severe. With an affidavit this way is denied. Meanwhile, it has gotten around that here are not the banks, the lenders, but private people. Everyone can make a credit request here. Whether it is successful, the financiers decide. The payday loan is gladly used. He can also be requested over the Internet.

The instant payday loan with bad remark from Switzerland is not reported to the remark. The creditworthiness of the borrower is also not checked. However, there should not already be salary or wage seizures, because these are noted in the salary or pay statement by the employer. These must be filed in copy for the last three months of the bank. If there are already seizures, a request is pointless here.

What if a payday loan was denied, even though the remark would be fine?

What if a payday loan was denied, even though the remark would be fine?

Every now and then the consumer should obtain a self-information from the remark. Unfortunately, it has often been reported in the past that there are wrong entries in the remark. This can be done by name equality or by the fact that former creditors have not forwarded a report on the payment of an open claim to the remark. To prevent such misunderstandings, everyone should check their data with the remark. This is especially important when applying for a payday loan. If there are actually wrong entries, the remark must be deleted after a corresponding proof.

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