Payday loan for professionals

In this opportunity we will analyze the payday loan for Professionals offered by the bank, which is intended for those professions that are independent, monotributistas or workers in dependency relationship. Among the main features offered by this line of credit we can mention the following:

  • It is a payday loan to a single firm.
  • The maximum amount of the payday loan is 200,000 pesos.
  • Maximum cancellation term for 60 months at a fixed rate and 72 months at a variable rate.
  • Free destination of the funds.
  • The amortization system is through the French System.
  • The granting commission is 3% plus VAT on the agreed amount.
  • The income share ratio can not exceed 40% of the income of the applicant or family group.
  • Life insurance is 100% subsidized to the satisfaction of the bank.

The requirements to access this line of credit are:

  • DNI, LC, LE in original and copy.
  • Do not record unfavorable background in the financial system.
  • Registration issued by the competent authority and last payment of the same in original and copy.

For payday loans less than 100 the value of the registration with a cap of 60,000 pesos must also present the following information:

  • Workers in a dependency relationship must submit the last receipt of original and copy.
  • Independent workers must present the last payment of the original pension contribution and photocopies.
  • The monotributistas must present the last payment of the tax in original and photocopy.

For payday loans over 60,000 and up to 200,000 pesos, the additional requirements are:

  • Registration per day.
  • In addition, workers in a dependency relationship must submit the last three salary receipts in original and photocopy. In the case that there is a variable component, you must present the receipts for the last 12 months. They must also demonstrate a minimum working age of one year.
  • The independent workers must present the affidavit of the income tax and the proof of payment thereof. They must also submit the last three pension contributions in original and photocopy. The bank will also request payments made by automatic debit of the credit card or bank account. Qualifying title, registration in original and photocopies.
  • The monotributistas must present the last 6 payments of the monotributo in original and photocopies. They must also present the payment of the credit cards or bank account.



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